Junior Sailing

Fancy using your skill and intelligence to beat against the wind? 
Sailing courses are held over the summer months in July and August each year. We work alongside Sligo Mayo Leitrim ETB in bringing the sport of sailing to as many young people as possible.  Sometimes there are theme days where the sailors dress up as characters or pirates - the theme varies from week to week. Cake days are particularly popular! Listen at daily briefings so you find out what's happening that week.

Junior course application form 2015 here..

Minimum age

Participants must be at least 9 years old. Children are taught in a pressure-free, relaxed environment.

Course times 
Course times are 9.15pm – 5.00pm Lunch from 1.00pm – 2.00pm  
Collection must be sharp – MSC is not responsible for children after 5.00pm
Course will finish at 4.00pm on Friday

What do I need to bring? 

Proper fitting buoyancy aid or life jacket. It must be worn at all times while on the slipway and on the water. This is dictated by Irish Law.
Waterproof/windproof jacket  & swimming togs
Plenty of warm layers
Spare change of clothes
Wetsuit -We want each child to enjoy their course as much as possible, and if a child is suffering the effects of cold their enjoyment will be very much diminished. Shorty wetsuits are not warm enough for an entire day on the sea.
Towel, shampoo & shower gear
Packed lunch &
bottled water. Also hot drinks like chocolate or soup are a good idea OR money for shop lunch which is ordered in the local shop each morning
*Logbook on Friday

Swim test
Participants will be asked to take a swimming test just off the slipway at the club.  All tests are just out of the depth of the children involved.  - wearing normal sailing clothes with a buoyancy aid. The aim is to test for confidence and competence in the water. Participants are only subject to the swim test for their first sailing  course.

Children are supervised from the moment they arrive each morning until they are collected to go home. Children are not allowed off site for any reason during the day in the absence of a note of consent or telephone call from a parent. Rules (particularly in regard to safety) as laid down by the instructor must be strictly obeyed.  We expect your child to adhere to simple rules with regards to flotation devices and no go areas.

Courses are run under the Irish Sailing Association Small Boat Sailing Scheme and will be conducted under the supervision of a Senior Instructor.

Bad weather
Sailing is by its very nature a practical sport, however there is a certain amount of theory involved – even at beginner level. When the weather is unsuitable, the course will still go ahead – we make the most of the poor weather by getting children up to speed in the classroom on sailing knots and other related theory.

We have a variety of different boats to suit all ages and sailing skills. Picos and Toppers and GP14s for advanced handling skills.

Payment of fees and Registration
Completed application forms must be accompanied with a minimum 10% deposit (balance due on the Monday morning of course commencement). Payment Method: Cheque, Bank Draft or Cash payments only (cheque preferable). Cheques payable to MSC and sent to club treasurer as per application form.
Registration takes place at the clubhouse on Monday mornings where the balance due can be paid. Your child will be introduced to our team then.  Please come early.

*Log Books 
Logbooks are used to record the child’s ascent through the sailing syllabus. On each sailing level children have to complete a certain number of components to attain their certificate. As a child completes a component on the syllabus, the instructor signs this off in the logbook. The Logbook really is a vital piece of the young sailor’s kit, and also is a great way for parents to keep up to speed on how the child is getting on. The fee  for the logbook for the ISA (around €15) is extra.

A young sailor's viewpoint     

Same old faces and some new faces
Every year the same families return for the courses the club offers, along with friends and newcomers, members and non-members alike.  We love to see new faces.  It gives the kids a great focus over the summer.  Plenty of practice leaves them all ready for our annual junior regatta held in mid August.

Racing for fun
During the summer (on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings) racing is organised for the benefit of juniors. We encourage all junior sailors (members and non-members) to attend these sessions because it is a great chance to practice newly learnt skills and have a bit of fun.

Junior Regatta - sailing and rowing races
The day starts with two rowing races.  The under 12 Joan Malone Perpetual cup and the under 16 McElroy Perpetual cup.  These are hotly contested trophies and it is great to see the sport of rowing alive and well at MSC. This is followed by our three race regatta with as many classes as there are a variety of boats.  competition is fierce.  The boys versus the girls, sisters versus brothers, cousins versus cousins, etc.  We encourage all our juniors to participate with the promise of soup and treats when they all come in.

The day ends with everyone gathering for a barbeque (whatever the weather) culminating in the presentation of the prizes.

Summary of what parents need to know is in this two page document.

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting
Sun 24th Oct @12 noon at

Notice of AGM Oct 2015

Election of officers for 2015/2016


Week 1: 6th - 10th
Week 2: 13th - 17th
Week 3: 20th - 24th
Week 4: 27th - 31st
Week 5: 3rd - 7th

Junior course application form 2015


Adult sailing courses

Tues & Thurs starting @ 6.30pm
July 15,17, 22, 29 & 31
Course application form


Cara Na Mara

This is the ISA’s new fun, shore based initiative focuses on delivering basic sailing skills and seamanship to 6-8 year olds. It is a child focused approach to introducing sailing to children. The programme allows children to discover, explore and practice the skills and knowledge they will needs as sailors while under the leadership and supervision of ISA Instructors within an ISA accredited Training Centre. It has a strong emphasis on allowing the sailors to appreciate and enjoy  the water and outdoor environment safely. These skills and knowledge tie into the National School curriculum

Session times
There are two sessions (mornings and afternoons) 
Monday to Friday.  
Mornings  9.30 to 12.30  and afternoons 1.30 to 4.30.
The cost is €60 per session per week. 

t  will operate week 2 (July 13 - 17), week 3 (July 20 - 24) and week 4 (July 27 - 31) of our junior sailing schedule. Demand is high so book early.

Cara na Mara Application form

Main contact Annette Byrne on 087 282 6867.

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